Germany Tour… Everybody back in the van!

Artwork from the wonderful Selena Mowat

Last year in April we taught ourselves a wealth of lessons. We took a chance and went on tour from Ireland to Germany and back. This April we’re fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do it again. Fifteen gigs in Sixteen days, it’s going to be great craic. Meeting new people and playing to new audiences is really important to us. New cities, new venues and new experiences await. The gigs are booked. It’s now time to service the van! Great to be receiving some TV coverage this time also on Germany’s NWR station. We’re also keen on playing some odd places as you may know. This tour includes Theatre’s, straight up pub Venues, House Concerts and an appearance on a German YouTube cooking channel!

All dates, times and details are now available here on the site.

Hope you like the poster by the way. Our friend Selena Mowat is responsible. Come and look at her website here for more info.

Hopefully see you in Deutschland,



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