Biography – In Their Thousands

“In Their Thousands were absolutely brilliant. This is a band with huge international potential. They are superb musicians making a truly original and epic noise” – Niall Stokes, Hot Press.

Since 2012 In Their Thousands have toured in Ireland, The United Kingdom and Mainland Europe playing music festivals big and small, renowned music venues and even creating their own pop up one night only music venues in the wilds of the Irish countryside. This has led them full circle back to creating new material with the Andromeda project and currently their debut album.


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The ethos of not doing the conventional is something that runs to the core of this band. Beautifully crafted songs with dynamic arrangements, powerful vocal harmonies and encapsulating hooks barely scratch the surface of the music they make. Their live set changes from vocal harmony laced acoustic folk to edgy electric alternative rock. In Their Thousands possess mass appeal and incite emotion in anybody who hears them perform. The reason for this is simple. They write and play honest music.

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